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  • Bridal Lengha: I ordered my Bridal Lengha from Chambeili & was expecting it to come within 6 months. It was ready on time & of a very high quality. The design exceeded my expectations & I am very pleased with the outcome off the lengha. I am so happy & glad that I chose to order my outfit from here. It is a stunning piece & the customer service was very professional & to a high standard. Would definitely recommend all brides to order their outfits from here!

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COVID19: Expect production delays from Pakistan


If your bridal order was placed during March 2020 prior to COVID19 outbreak then the order may still be in production and we are totally dependent on our suppliers in Pakistan as there are partial closures on weekends and our suppliers are not in full operation due to staff reduction. There are expected delays both in manufacturing and shipping as passenger flights are not operating. Therefore, shipping will take a minimum 14 business days.

In order to avoid disappointment please allow for these extra unforseen delays before you book your event after July 4th in the UK. The UK prime minister Boris Johnson has announced that weddings of up to 30 people under social distance measures can take place. As a retailer we advise you wait for your orders to arrive in UK and take into consideration that this is unprecedented times that has affected all global businesses. We cannot guarantee production timeframes or shipment arrival dates as this is subject to the logistic companies regulations and operations during COVID19. Things are constantly changing in Pakistan which are not in our control and subject to lockdown rules.

COVID-19: Guidance for Bridal and Formal Wear Orders
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