The made-to-order process steps are designed to ensure that proper procedures are in place for both ourselves and our customers so that custom orders meet all our strict guidelines and the customer receive their order to the highest expectation and on the required timescales. We have automated all our procedures by utilising google drive to store backup copies of your order(s) as well as providing a secure user account access where we can update the status of your order .

  • Appointment

    Customer makes an appointment

  • Initial Consultation

    We provide a free 20 min consultation

  • Proceed with order

    If customer is ready to proceed then the appointment time is extended to 1 hour with a £50 charge which is deductible from the order

  • Order Consultation

    We will discuss your order details in-depth including colours, fabric, style and work requirements

  • Measurement

    Your precise body measurement will be taken which includes leeway

  • Deposit

    A deposit of 70% is requested for all bridal, formal, semi formal and prêt wear - all deposits are non-refundable

  • Order Confirmation

    Customer provided order sheet copy with deposit receipt, delivery date and legal terms & conditions

  • Sign-off Terms & Conditions

    Customer is required to sign our legal terms & conditions in order to proceed with the order

  • Email Order Confirmation

    A full copy of your order sheet is sent by email with a picture of the outfit(s) , sales invoice and counter signed legal terms and conditions

  • Order Sheet Sent to Designer

    Your order sheet is sent directly to our designer(s) with all your custom made-to-order details, colour options and body measurements

  • Secure My Account Creation

    Customer will be requested to create a secure login account using their social media accounts or email

  • Order Notes & Progress

    Your order details will be added to your account with the line items, brief notes regarding your order and status updates so you can track progress

  • Order Arrival

    Once your order arrives we will do full quality control checks then steam all outfits

  • Outfit Try Request

    We will call you to visit our store to try your made-to-order outfit(s) and do your own garment checks

  • Order Completion

    You will be requested to sign sales collection invoice, sign-off quality control check and pay remaining balance to complete order process

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COVID19: Expect production delays from Pakistan


If your bridal order was placed during March 2020 prior to COVID19 outbreak then the order may still be in production and we are totally dependent on our suppliers in Pakistan as there are partial closures on weekends and our suppliers are not in full operation due to staff reduction. There are expected delays both in manufacturing and shipping as passenger flights are not operating. Therefore, shipping will take a minimum 14 business days.

In order to avoid disappointment please allow for these extra unforseen delays before you book your event after July 4th in the UK. The UK prime minister Boris Johnson has announced that weddings of up to 30 people under social distance measures can take place. As a retailer we advise you wait for your orders to arrive in UK and take into consideration that this is unprecedented times that has affected all global businesses. We cannot guarantee production timeframes or shipment arrival dates as this is subject to the logistic companies regulations and operations during COVID19. Things are constantly changing in Pakistan which are not in our control and subject to lockdown rules.

COVID-19: Guidance for Bridal and Formal Wear Orders