Participate Overview

chambeili® Bridal is a subsidiary of chambeili® – a UK based fashion retailer established since 2012. Our made-to-order has been running for a number of years and we currently working with Faiza Saqlain, Zonia Anwaar and Hamza Anwar.

We are scouting for established brand designers to join our luxury made-to-order platform on Our ideal candidates should be brands that have been established for at least 5+ years with a solid design team, a strong brand image, luxury high-end merchandise with proper quality control protocols in place for made-to-order production.

Currently we require luxury formal, semi-formal and prêt wear designers who have showcased their designs from recent runway shows (PLBW or BCW). We will use our existing processes to establish made-to-order facilties for our clients based in the UK and Overseas. Our role will be to promote your range by displaying them on and having samples instore – as we have done with all our current designers. We will also run paid targeted adverting on our social media platforms, create marketing publicity in our digital magazine, as well as create video production for our Youtube and IGTV channels.


  • You are looking to increase your made-to-order production out of Pakistan.
  • You offer unique garments with pure fabric and hand embellishment.
  • You offer the latest luxury clothing with respect to current trends in Pakistan.
  • You have strict quality controls in place.
  • You can provide hi-resolution model photography on most of your products.
  • You have the production facility to handle made-to-order production.
  • You are reliable, punctual (with respect to deliveries) and accessible by phone to discuss orders.

What we offer

  • We have a multi-channel sales platform that allows us to promote your collections via chambeili® UK Retail Store, sites as well as promote your brand and products via our magazine, social platforms, search engine and mailing list.
  • We have an established client base since our 2012 that comprises of middle-class women with professional backgrounds that are looking for quality Pakistani luxury clothing. Our clients are not restricted to the UK only; we have clients across Europe and North America.
  • We own a digital design agency with over 12 years digital design experience so we can offer creative design and marketing solutions to promote your brand on a wide range multi-channel platforms. No other company can offer this service.
  • We are trustworthy, efficient, professional and have an impeccable track record and we encourage you to contact any of our current brand stockists for a reference.
  • We have strict protocols in our store; each garment is placed in a suit bag for protection. Customers are required to wear popon masks to and must ask permission before they are allowed to try any garment so your products are well protected.
  • Our goal is to maximise sales opportunities by offering made-to-measure on popular designs as well as sell off the rack.
  • We will formulate a written agreement with terms and conditions so both parties are protected under International Law.

Next Steps

If you are interested in working with chambeili® Bridal for made-to-order then send us an email with your contact details and position to from an official domain email (not gmail, hotmail, yahoo etc.). We will then contact you via a telephone call to discuss opportunities in more detail.

Important: We will not purchase any garments – our made-to-order participation programme will require stockists to arrange for their top selling products to be sent to our store which will be used for the made-to-order service. This platform is ideally suited to luxury brands that wish to increase their production orders on their high-end outfits outside of Pakistan rather than simply selling off-the-rack.

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